This Movement is Here to Help Retailers & Wholesalers

The biggest way we can help our local flower growers is by increasing demand for locally-grown flowers. If you would like to be a part of the Washington Flowers movement, next time you are in a situation you are buying flowers, ask if they offer locally-grown flowers. 

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You will find a wealth of resources including customizable marketing materials, actionable ideas, industry-related organizations to join, the 2017 USDA Census Floriculture report and more. These resources will be updated periodically to help grow your business and to support the Washington-grown cut floriculture industry


If you are a consumer of cut flowers, we have put together a variety of resources to make it easier for you to support the Washington Flowers movement. Click the button below for more information.


We have also created a resource page dedicated to flower suppliers. We put this resource page together so you can join the movement to increase the sales and production of Washington grown flowers.


Washington Flowers has compiled plenty of resources for Washington Flower suppliers to join and support the Washington Flowers movement.  You can learn more by clicking the button below.

This project is funded by a WSDA Specialty Crop Block Grant.

For more information, or to order campaign materials, email Suzanne Carson at [email protected] or phone: 360-357-9975 x122.

Disclaimer: The Washington Flowers design is not a guarantee of the product’s origin. Consumers should ask where flowers are from to be sure.
Washington Flowers designs were developed as part of a three year Specialty Crop Block Grant (2017-2019) to test if it would be worthwhile. Please contact [email protected] regarding use of the design beyond the grant period.”

This project is funded by a WSDA Specialty Crop Block Grant.